IPS delivers tangible solutions to complex projects. Our team of project managers is ready to tackle challenges at any point of the project. Experts in the fields of engineering and procurement, our project managers have the knowledge and expertise to offer results.

IPS’s ability to deliver all encompassing solutions to clients’ project needs eliminates the need for multiple consultants, facilitating project co-ordination, control, operations and cost-effectiveness.

We believe that the engineering and project management is an important and interesting task, requiring skill, experience and intense application. We recognize this in the way we work:

  • We find gifted people to join our company, make them feel at home and help them develop
  • We achieve a balance between using fixed internal processes and expecting individuals to take accountability for what they do
  • We actively share our knowledge and experience across all our operations
  • We believe that managerial and technical innovation is possible on most projects. We spend our own money on technology development
  • We always provide independent and impartial answers and never bias our solution to favour a supplier or installer