Projects have a distinct life-cycle, starting with an idea and progressing through design, engineering and manufacturing or construction. Consultants are involved at each step of the project’s life cycle, improving and facilitating processes, enhancing operational and technical capabilities in the design, construction and implementation phases to improve execution of organizational goals and strategies.

To cope with complex activities and uncertainties, IPS integrates innovation and expertise with experience to offer solutions to multifaceted business, and engineering needs.

With a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers based in Dubai and Huston and setting up the foundation to mobilize into Tripoli, IPS’s focus is on delivering systematic design, direction, and control of processes that transform inputs into tangible solutions and results.


Process audit and reengineering is fundamentally the process of rethinking and radical redesign of processes to maximize productivity, optimize cost, quality of service, and speed.

We are committed to keeping our staff trained in the latest audit techniques and industry requirements and use technology to work smarter and more efficiently.

We work with our clients on research and development of projects and collaborate with our peers and leading technical experts to make certain that our programs are always in the forefront. As a global auditing and certification business we have staff that can service any major international market and the clients that operate there.

IPS specializes in conducting audits in a variety of fields to add value to operations and improve safety and productivity.

Areas of audit include:

  • Risk Management – Health, Safety and Environment
  • Process improvement for the purpose of maximizing more suitable productions and lowering costs
  • Integrated Management System Audits in compliance to ISO Standards.
  • Designs and implements supplier audit programs to assist clients in effectively managing their supply chain.

These programs are part of supplier prequalification processes and/or during a supplier’s contract as part of supplier monitoring requirements.