Third Party Inspection

The increasing demand for professional inspection services at the market of metal production all over the world is the basement of that decision to develop Inspection account within our business. IPS is associated with world leading Inspection Service providers who have been in the field of inspection for more than 30 years. Our services include;

Prequalification and certification of enterprises+

  • Quality Management System analysis, pre-qualification or certification of enterprises according to ISO.
  • As may be required our specialists will carry out diagnostic audit of the enterprise to determine optimum scope of work on certification.
  • Analysis of production certification according to API requirements (American Petroleum Institute). Our specialists will assist to determine distribution area of API license as well as provide necessary assistance for receiving a certificate – API Specification Q1, API license, right of API monogram application.
  • Analysis of correspondence to ASME requirements (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Within ASME requirements we provide prequalification and certification of boilers and vessels that work under pressure, welders and welding processes attestation.
  • Consulting services while preparation to obligatory certification of various kinds of products for correspondence to requirements of European Community Directives.

Technical supervision+

IPS technical specialists provide technical supervision of production in the following fields:

  • Boiler industry;
  • Shipbuilding industry;
  • Railway cars building industry;
  • Oil and gas pipeline construction;
  • Civil engineering.

Quality and quantity inspection+

IPS provides quality and quantity inspection of materials in the process of production, shipment, loading-unloading in port.

At the present moment the following products are inspected and accepted by IPSdefi specialists:

1. Steel products:

  • Flat section (heavy plate) for:
    • Production of welded pipes according to API rules;
    • Boiler production ASME, IBR etc., as official auditors of these organizations;
    • Shipbuilding RINA (Italian register);
    • Steel construction and civil engineering, if necessary as auditors of TUV Turingen.
  • Seamless and welded pipes for:
    • Drill pipes;
    • Casing and tubing for oil and gas exploration;
    • Oil and gas pipelines construction;
    • Machine-building.
  • Forged billets with preliminary mechanical skinning for rolling rolls and machine-building industry.
  • Round billets.
  • Slabs, squire and rectangular billets.
  • Long products.

2. Steel constructions.

3. High-pressure vessels.

4. Raw materials (ore, coal, clays, ferroalloys).

The control is hold on the basis of:

  • Specially worked out technical requirements and specifications that are given in the agreement of products supply;
  • International or national standards for the given product;
  • Other customer’s requirements defined by his activity’s specialization in specific circumstances

Materials testing, Non-destructive testing+

IPS offers testing services of the Customers’ material:

  • Ultrasonic control;
  • Visual control;
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI);
  • Magnetic induction inspection;
  • Wall thickness measuring;
  • Capillary method;
  • Electric method.
  • Radiational method;
  • Eddy-current method;

Testing is made on the mobile testing unit owned by the Company. Such flexibility allows the Customer to choose the place of examination.

Testing materials:

  • Hot-rolled heavy plate steel;
  • Cold-rolled light plate steel, from 5mm.;
  • Forgings;
  • Post mechanical treatment parts (rolls for power equipment, axes, shafts for shipbuilding, mill rollers, etc.);
  • Weld seams;
  • Cast section;
  • Seamless and welded pipes.

Steel grades: carbon and alloyed.

Additional testing materials:

  • Anticorrosive polyethylene/polypropylene/epoxy coatings:а) thickness measuring of coating with ultrasonic thickness meters;

    b) identification of coating defects (visual, with spark defectoscope for coating continuity);

    c) coating repair.

Supervision of railway production+

Within the scope of railway products’ inspection, IPS provides the following services:

  • Incoming inspection of materials used for railway wagons and platforms production;

  • Check-up of installation-ready components and assemblies of railway wagons and platforms;
  • Visual and instrumental check-up of joint welds, bolt joints for compliance with engineering drawings and normative and technical documentation;
  • Quality control of railway rolling stock installation for compliance with engineering drawings;
  • Control of railway wagons and platforms equipment with necessary operating mechanisms;
  • Functional control of operating mechanisms;
  • Visual control of marking, painting, market condition;
  • Signing of inspection reports on acceptance and shipment of railway wagons and platforms;
  • Analysis of engineering design accuracy while designing new railway wagons and platforms.

Technical examination of railway wagons and platforms being in use:

  1. Examination of wagon’s metal construction for determination the extents of service wear;

  2. Visual examination of wheel pairs;

  3. Visual examination of trucks;

  4. Visual examination of the wagon’s brake system;

  5. Visual examination of draw-buffing gears for probable damages identification.

Technical control on the manufacturing plants:

  1. In the process of production;

  2. In the process of production and while final acceptance of the finished product;

  3. While final acceptance of the finished product.

Inspected products:

  • Open wagons;

  • Flat wagon for flat products;
  • Flat wagons for multi-tonnage containers;
  • Wagons for pellets’ transporting;
  • Wagons – cement carriers;
  • Freight wagons;
  • Technical examination of railway wagons and platforms being in use.

IPS also performs inspection of railway wheels in the process of production.

Inspection of consumer products+

IPS offers a complete range of services on inspection of consumer goods.


Usually visual inspection is performed at the products’ storage place. The main target of inspection is checking quantity, visual quality and packing of products according to shipping documentation and Customer’s specification.

Quantity and quality control is performed in accordance with established international standards and as per Customer’s requirements. Laboratory analysis can be carried out as per Customer’s request.

Fresh and frozen foodstuffs

Depending on type of production IPS can offer inspection within the following scope:

  • Visual determination of presence and classification of defects of fruits and vegetables;
  • Checking of product’s temperature and temperature of storage place;
  • Organoleptical test of product;
  • Tally counting

Audit of enterprises+

Audit of the products’ manufacturing capability in accordance with the requirements of normative documentation (API, ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, GOST etc.) and with the additional requirements of the customer.

Within the scope of audit of enterprises the following stages are carried out:

  • Analysis of required licenses and certifications availability;

  • Analysis of required equipment availability;

  • Analysis of qualified personnel availability;

  • Analysis and development of internal technical documentation for the compliance with the additional customer’s requirements;

  • Sampling for carrying out the production control tests;

  • Sampling witness and production control tests carrying out. Analysis of control tests results compliance with the requirements of normative documentation and with the additional customer’s requirements;

Marine survey+

Our activities include but are not limited to the following categories of marine survey:

  • Condition/watertightness of hatches of ship holds;
  • Condition/cleanness of ship’s cargo compartments;
  • On/off hire survey;
  • Determination of bunkers and ship’s stores.