Our challenge is to appropriately re-invent resource-levelling leadership and continue to seamlessly revolutionize orthogonal innovation to delight the customer

We consider it vitally important that we, the directors, board members and employees of International Project Services, share the philosophy of this Charter of Business Conduct and carry out our every activity so that we work in harmony to develop International Project Services.

We trust that all directors, board members, and employees of the International Project Services embrace the founding spirit of "acting with sincerity" while applying this Charter in their day-to-day activities with the ultimate aim of pursuit of the sustainable development of International Project Services and society as a whole.

Management philosophy+

To act sincerely and contribute to our community through development and technology


With our management philosophy in mind at all times, the directors, board members and employees of INTERNATIONAL PROJECT SERVICES will act in accordance with the following principles toward each stakeholder to pursue sound and sustainable development of the company and the community at large.

Observance of laws and regulations

We always respect human rights and observe domestic and international laws and regulations as well as social norms, considering ourselves an integral part of society.

Contribution to our communities

We respect national and local history and culture, and make a global contribution by offering technical services and products that meet local and regional needs. Moreover, as good corporate citizens, we actively make social contributions to enrich people's lives, and increase their security.

Consideration for the environment

We strive to conserve our environment and make effective use of our resources as we aim to create an enriched environment where humans and the natural world coexist in harmony.

Consideration for safety

The safety of our employees and the general public is of prime importance in all aspects of our business activities.

Promotion of transparent corporate activities

We maintain open communication and sound relationships within society and practice a high level of accountability and transparency in all our corporate activities.

Information management

We protect and control any and all information acquired through business, including customer and personal information, and prevent any leaks or unfair use.

Respect for intellectual property

We protect, control, and actively utilize our intellectual property while honoring that of others.


Responsibilities to our clients and customers

With sincerity, we provide our distinguished technical services and products at a fair price to stimulate the confidence and high regard of the clients and customers.

Conducting fair and open business

We conduct all trade activities based on fair and open competition and reject the use of unjust means to make profits.

Technical Development

With the pride of professionals, we always strive to develop and apply leading edge technology in our research and development activities and to accumulate and share outstanding technology and knowledge.

Thorough quality control

We perform thorough quality control to maintain the superior quality of our services and products.


Communication with shareholders and investors

We actively conduct investor relations targeting all our shareholders and investors to deepen their understanding of our business activities so as to stimulate confidence in the company and make the continual growth of business.

Accountability and transparency

We disclose corporate information for shareholders and investors at an appropriate time and in proper manners, thereby improving the transparency of management and enhancing creditability.


Our commitments towards our Business Partners are:

Fair trading

We maintain fair and sincere business dealings in equal partnerships to pursue mutual trust and business prosperity.

Selection of business partners

We use fair criteria and practices in the procurement of services and goods.


Cultivation of a vibrant working environment

With an open-minded corporate culture, the company strives to foster diversity, individuality and creativity in its employees and to ensure a vibrant and relaxed working environment.

Capacity development

The company strives to develop the capacity of employees with respect to professional ethics, creativity, and distinguished expertise.