HSEQ Policy

International Project Services JSC considers the surrounding environment and safety of its employees a major part of their responsibility and to properly discharge this responsibility, our main goal is to achieve a Zero accident in all projects of the company.

The company is concerned with occurrence of accident, which are primary failure in the company’s operational procedures and as such are costly. It is imperative that each employee is fully aware of the company’s policy with respect to the prevention of accidents and environment friendliness. The following prevention policy has been established:

  • The company, its management and supervisors will use only safe operational procedures and develop safe working attitude and habits.
  • Any employee of the company who continually works in unsafe manner and does not follow safe operating procedures will be imposed to strict measures against him for his own benefit and the benefit of others.
  • To eliminate the waste of resources so as to conserve the environment and make the best use of available resources.
  • To utilize every opportunity to recycle the resources.
  • To implement an effective waste management procedure.

It is everyone responsibility to assure the job is accomplished in as safe and environment friendly manner as possible. Individuals are responsible for promoting safe operations. Due care and attention will be given to property, equipment and environment areas.

IPS views integrated accident prevention and safety program as prime importance on each of the Company has designed this safety program with set standards, procedures and guidelines following the regional laws and all the important safety standards currently followed widely.